Tube Style Punches
Standard Tube, Tube Oval, Square Tube, 007 Straight Cut, Outside/Inside Relieved, Notched, Straight Outside Diameter, Rotary Tube Serrated and Cup Punches. Pin Points and Washer Sets are also located on this page

Hanger Punches
Wagner Seamless Hanger Punches and Hanger Sets and Hanger Punches made from steel rule.

Feed-Thru Punches
Wagner Feed-thru Punches, Feed-thru Ovals, Serrated Feed-thru, Heavy Wall Feed-thru and Clicker Style Feed-thru Punches.

Self-Cleaning Punches
Wagner Self-Cleaning Punches, Self-Cleaning with Knurled Base, No Turn, Serrated, Kleen Kut™, Square, and Oval Self-Cleaning Punches

Cross Cuts, Rule Connecotr, and Rolodex®
Wagner Cross Cuts, Rule Connector and Rolodex® style punches.

Custom-milled Punches
Wagner Custom-milled Punches. Wagner Die Supply can engineer and produce just about any type of punch per customer specifications.