Accurate Cutting Formes is also the Queensland agent for RotoMetrics, supplying rotary dies, flexible plates and magnetic cylinders for the label industry.

Welcome to RotoMetrics, your single-source for high-quality rotary and flexible dies, print cylinders and other rotary tooling. No matter what type of application your business needs - from labels, to packaging, to speciality products -

At Rotometrics you'll find:

  • Dependable, long lasting products
  • Fast, reliable delivery times
  • Knowledgeable customer service
  • Competitive prices
  • Expert technical support

Rotometrics Products

Rotary Dies

CNC Dies
EMD Dies
RD Plus & Yellow Jacket Speciality Dies

Air-Eject & Focussed-Air Dies
Vacuum Dies
Folding Carton Dies

Flexible Dies

Flexible Dies
Magnetic Cylinders
Folding Carton Dies

Printing & Tinting

Print Cylinders
Tinting Kits & Air-Assisted Tinting Kits
Tint Rubber Cutters with Air-Assisted Mandrels

Meter Rolls

Sheet, Perf & Scoring

Removable Blade Sheeters & Perforators
Floating Blade Sheeters

Vari-Score/Vari-Punch Units
RD Score Units


High Friction Pacing Rolls

Hot Stamp & Emboss

Unisphere Rotary Cylinders
Uniflex Flexible Cylinders
Unisphere Texture & Unifraxion Cylnders


Hydra Jacks

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