ACCURATE CUTTING FORME manufactures cutting formes for the following industries:
Printing, Packaging, Label, Gaskets, Education & Leather.

We do:

  • CAD samples and packaging design
  • Wood mounted cutting formes and dies for platens, cylinders, Bobst, clamshell, clicking and roll presses.
  • Acrylic/PVC mounted label dies for Kopac, Gallus, Mark Andy, & many more.
  • Wood mounted heavy duty gasket dies.
  • Male & Female stripping dies.


  • Using the latest in computerised equipment, plus highly skilled staff operating on a Quality Assured System, Accurate Cutting Forme can guarantee no down-time at your company.
  • Accurate Cutting Forme is also the Queensland agent for Rotometrics Australia a division of RotoMetrics, supplying rotary dies, flexible plates, and magnetic cylinders for the label industries.

SAMPLE MAKING advice and designs using CAD Systems to manufacture Packaging, Display & Point of Sale items.

After consultation, Accurate will take your rough design idea, manufacturing samples out of the desired stock, either supplying drawings on film, email, or cd, ready for the production of artwork or cutting die. Typical products include Packaging, Point of Sale Displays, specialised presentations, Folders & Mobiles etc..


  • Your Presentation Standards are now more professional and accurate.
  • No longer will you hope the client can visualise the end results.
  • Produce a sample, wrap around your artwork and your client is now viewing, as near as possible, a finished-to-size mockup.
  • This is especially convenient with overseas or interstate clients


If the sample works....The finished piece will work!

because the same design is used for sample, artwork & forme, for this reason there is....